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A Pre-Fab Shelter Offers Refuge for Italian Climbers in Peril

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Photos: Gughi Fassino, Michelangelo Filippi, Marco Destefanis/Dezeen

For years, climbers in the Alps who run into trouble or bad weather have sought shelter in the various stone huts that dot the mountain range. Well one architecture firm, LEAPfactory, wasn't satisfied with the accommodations being offered, so they came up with this modular, solar-powered alternative that can be helicoptered into position. Completely, pre-fabricated, the building takes just a few hours to assemble and provides a comfortable bunk room along with a spacious living space that boasts gorgeous views of the valley below. This is quite a stylish solution to a life-or-death problem, but could we expect anything less from the Italians?
· New Refuge Gervasutti by LEAPfactory [Dezeen via BoingBoing]