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Ten of History's Most Insanely Awesome Gingerbread Houses

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It's December 7, which means, of course, that now is the time to start discussing gingerbread houses. Kicking things off: a gingerbread version of the house from the Disney/Pixar flick Up, which was built for—and won—this year's Craftster Gingerbread Challenge. Sporting everything from anatomically accurate gum-paste singles to a garden hose made from plain gingerbread colored green, the confection was donated to a Big Brothers, Big Sisters auction in Lawrence, Ks. A good cause with good timing: the real thing—a replica of the house that's inhabitable by humans—just sold for $400K in Herriman, Utah. Click through the photogallery above for other noteworthy (and possibly Fenway Park-themed) gingerbread houses from years past and present—these things never get, uh, stale.

· UP Inspired Gingerbread House for Big Brothers, Big Sisters Auction [Craftster via Craftzine]
· Exact Replica of the House From Up Sells For $400K [Curbed National]