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Texas Suburb Proves Poor Substitute For Tuscan Hills

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Location: Houston, Tex.
Price: $3,500,000
The Skinny: When a tipster pointed out this replica Tuscan villa in the picturesque hills of Houston, we figured it was safe to assume the interior was going to qualify for the "That's Rather Hideous" moniker. Instead, despite the oh-so-authentic three-car garage, the interiors are restrained and seem to have been assembled with the sort of craftsmanship rarely seen on this side of the pond—or in this day and age. The interior courtyard, in particular, looks torn from a restored Italian villa. Unfortunately, head back outside and find the spell broken. For one, the house is crammed up against its neighbor's in typical urban sprawl fashion. Next, the calming oasis in the backyard, replete with a pool and lush landscaping, is made to face reality thanks to a looming nearby skyscraper. Surprise! Houston is a poor stand-in for the Italian countryside.
· 5111 Huckleberry Circle [DSS Real Estate]