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The Wall Street Journal Officially Has a Man Cave Blogger!

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And his name is Robert Passarella, who was recently named managing director of DJ FX Trader, the forthcoming foreign-exchange market newswire from WSJ parent company Dow Jones. Passarella, who lives in Jersey and loves steak, "wood, leather, stone, wine, beer, and electronics," submitted an application to be featured on DIY Network's Man Caves, a TV show hosted by contractor Jason Cameron and former Ravens defensive lineman Tony Siragusa. And he was accepted!

DIY reps must be fist-pumping up the wazoo that the network selected an intelligent humanoid with (bonus points!) an actual journalistic pedigree and (double bonus points!) access to the Wall Street Journal's blog roll. Passarella is chronicling the transformation from suburban basement to "Basement Steakhouse"—no sports-themed refuges for this one!—on Man-Cave Moments, where he admits to nearly leaping at the prospect of tin ceilings and "wood everywhere." "Suppressing my joy is tough," Passarella writes. "Hey, I gotta stay cool."

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