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Missile Silo Turned Home No Longer a Target for Russian Nukes

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Location: Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Price: $2,300,000
The Skinny: Beneath this innocuous-looking little airstrip in upstate New York lies a decommissioned missile installation that two intrepid gents have converted into a living space. So far, the 2,300-square-foot launch control center has been transformed into a three-bedroom subterranean funhouse, one that's topped with a 1,300-square-feet above-ground entertaining space. Left to the next owner's imagination is the missile silo itself: 185 feet deep, 50 feet wide, at a constant temperature of 58°F—ultimate wine cellar, anyone? There's also a nine-story steel superstructure suspended on springs designed to absorb the shock of a direct nuclear strike. Speaking of which, the leading FAQ on the listing site: "Does Russia still have this site as a target?" The answer, thankfully, is no.
· Silo Home [official site]