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Pink and Gold Lamé Love Shack For Every Valentine's Day Need

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A couple of weeks ago, House Beautiful served as an exemplar about how to do pink well. Here's an example of how to do pink a different way. Located in the Washington, D.C., neighborhood of Van Ness, this five-bedroom home, built in 1983 on the site of the former Nicaraguan Embassy compound, is asking $1.35M by a current owner who appears to favor the color. The real piece de resistance, of course, is this master bedroom, what with its matching gold-lamé bedspread, scalloped headboard, and valances, as well as the chaise longue smashed against one wall. A downstairs bedroom, with pale-pink wall-to-wall carpeting and but a sole, sad mattress, would be much better served on the set of Law & Order: SVU. Nothing like a creepy basement sex room to set the mood!

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