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Nate Berkus Boldly Slams Martha Stewart and Wendy Williams

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Lots of things happening these days for talkshow host Nate Berkus! He's selling his apartment. He's struggling with bad ratings. And now, fueled by a desire to get Liza Minnelli as a guest, he's taken to the good old-fashioned pastime of dissing the competition. In a pitch letter to Minnelli's people, Berkus's people attacked both Martha Stewart and Wendy Williams. Classy! The Village Voice's Michael Musto got his hands on a copy.

"NATE OUTDELIVERS MARTHA: Nate delivers more than one million more viewers than Martha's Hallmark show. Nate averages about 1.2 million total viewers so far this season, while Martha's talk show averages only about 220,000 total viewers."


·This November, Nate delivers a 0.6 rating among Women 25-54, building its time periods from a 0.5 base, up +20% over last November.

·Wendy Williams also delivers a 0.6 rating among Women 25-54, but that is down from its time periods' 0.7 last year, -14%."

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