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Technicolor Dream House Boasts Sweeping Pacific Views

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Location: Malibu, Calif.
Price: $2,975,000
The Skinny: This mountaintop post-modern, designed in a distinctive playful style by Cho Yiu Kwan in 1993, is distinguished by shockingly bright colors and an angular, disjointed form. But if the whimsical design isn't a turn off, the rest of the house is sure to impress. First, there's the five-acre site, set in the hills of Malibu to take advantage of 270-degree views of the coastline. Then there are the unique features such as a full-sized tennis court, sculpture garden, screening room, elevator, and space for art storage. Finally, although it's only 18 years old, we can't help but notice how well preserved this house is, right down to the tube TV in the living room. Perhaps there's no time for television in the house that's been dubbed "The Temple of the Muses."
· 2050 Rambla Pacifico [Crosby Doe]