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Intelligence Executive Builds 72,215-Square-Foot Family Hideout

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Happening right now in the tiny, modest city of Highlandville, Mo.: a man named Steven Huff has started construction on a 72,215-square-foot dream home for his family. To put that into perspective, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates lives in a 66,000-square-foot house, and The White House rings in at 55,000 square feet. But hey! Who's counting? Local residents seem totally confused as to why Huff has been so private about the progress of the home—there are even (gasp) signs ordering curious onlookers to keep out and others warning against video surveillance. “About all we know is we've been told the property will be a private residence,” said one planning and zoning official. All the secrecy makes sense, though, for Huff's the chief technology officer for Overwatch Systems, a top developer of intelligence tools for the Defense Department and Homeland Security. Which means he most certainly needs a 23,000-square-foot basement for "storage."

· Huge Highlandville Home Spans 72,215 Square Feet --- Larger than White House [ via Homes of the Rich]