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One Restoration Lacking Anything That's Actually Old

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Location: Beverly Hills, Calif.
Price: $7,495,000
The Skinny: The listing calls this home "a beautifully restored Moorish Mediterranean with old world glamour." And that called into question our whole notion of restoration. Did 1930s Angelenos really install pixelated zebra print on the floor of their kitchen? Or use plate glass as a stair railing? We think not. That's not to say the five-bedroom mansion is without virtues, like the Grotto-esque swimming pool with stone surround—just watch out for that Pontiac fever! Still, this interior mashup of new and old fails to wow with either the new—questionable tile patterns—or the old—the drab ceiling beams—but outside, the classic facade still retains its charm, though maybe not $7.5M worth of charm.
· 628 North Alta Drive [Redfin]
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