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BoConcept Promotes 213-Foot Sofa in Speed-Dating Event

The tony seaside city of Santa Monica, Calif., has been nearly swallowed by a 213-square-foot leather couch from modern furniture retailer BoConcept, who teamed with the Bayside District Corporation and HurryDate to create a Valentine's Day-related speet-dating event. In 2008, BoConcept released a sofa that was verified by the Guinness World Records as the longest in the world, measuring 168 feet and eight inches. Times have changed, new couches have been manufactured, and this modest, mild 213-footer doesn't shatter any records. In other words: BoConcept found another couch that's longer. "It was the world's largest sofa," a spokesperson told the Santa Monica Daily Press. "Now it's the world's largest red sofa."

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