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Canadian Megamansions Assert Canuck-Style Extravagance

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When many Americans think of our neighbor to the north, they're thinking of grizzled, Molson-drinking, hockey-stick-wielding lumberjacks battling Mounties for control of provincial mining towns, or something of the sort. While that might be still happening in the Northwest Territories—because really, does anyone know what happens up there?—Canada is actually home to some stunningly wealthy people. Take the Thompson family, majority owners of the Thompson Reuters media conglomerate, who control a $20B fortune. There must be some reason to stick around the Great White North when you've got that much green. So we went hunting around for some Canadian castles that might tempt the super-wealthy to stick around.

This 44,000-square-foot monstrosity in the Montreal suburbs (above) isn't a bad place to start. The palatial lakefront estate is asking $27.4M, and boasts features that could keep the next owner entertained through many a long Canadian winter. There's an indoor swimming pool, spa with massage room, wine cellar, golf simulator, library, and 5,000 square feet of garage space. Plus, with nine bedrooms, a whole entourage could hole up and still avoid the pangs of cabin fever.

? This lakeside estate in Ontario, dubbed Hawkridge Farm, took more than six years to complete and cost an estimated $20M, furnished by a department store heir. Lately, that same rich guy has been trying to unload it, and has been blaming the lack of a sale on the luxe market doldrums. We'd instead like to point out how damn uggo this place is on the inside. Good luck fetching $24.3M for a house that's gonna need a gut renovation. At least there's the 150 acres to fall back on.

? If the last mansion needed a tasteful interior renovation, this one could use, well, an interior. Situated outside Toronto on the ritzy stretch known as Bridle Path, the builder has decided to dump the property on the market without finishing it first. That doesn't mean its coming cheap; on the contrary, it's asking a whopping $17.5M. And let's hope the deep-pocketed buyer has plenty of clothes: the only parts of this house that look even close to completion are the massive closets.

? Now, finally, let's get back to some move-in-ready goodness. This modern estate in Metchosin, British Columbia, is one of the more interesting recent builds we've seen. Set on 68 acres of waterfront, the house, known as Swanwick Ranch, utilizes hydrothermal technology to provide fully "off the grid" living. If this is the future of "off the grid" living, sign us up. We'll gladly trade in the tent and the outhouse for this $17.7M beaut.

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