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Description-Defying Arizona Manse Perfect for Undecided Buyers

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Location: Phoenix, Ariz.
Price: $4,750,000
The Skinny: For once, we'd like to give some credit to a listing agent. Settling on a single architectural style to describe this house is one nerve-wracking affair, and "Cape Cod"-style wasn't a bad place to end up. Well, for the front facade, anyway. The rest of this Arizona mansion is having a bit of an identity crisis. There are Gothic arched windows in the "potting room," semi-circular Georgian windows in the kitchen, a plantation-style porch at the rear, a distinctly contemporary "great room," Chippendale capitals on the built-ins, and a mansard roof for the garage. All in all, an exhausting architectural mix-up. For $4.75M, the next buyer won't have to decide on an architectural style.
· 5829 Arcadia [Phoenix Real Estate]