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Marimekko-Converse Collab Canonized in Mere Three Minutes

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The heavens have opened, angels have sung, and Marimekko-Converse collab (named "Converse ? Marimekko") is officially upon us. In a three-minute video narrated ever-so-eloquently by Marimekko's design manager, Noora Niiininoski, the details of the collection unfold. And if you think it's just a footwear-meets-textiles matchup, oh, how foolish you are! It is so much more than that. "Marimekko is something bigger than life, in a way," Niininsoki explains, adding that the company has been around for so long that Fins attribute specific memories to the fabrics. "The collaboration between Marimekko and Converse was just waiting to happen," she adds," because both companies have a strong heritage."

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