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Bougiest Quotes of the Week: Roof Rights, Choreography, More!

Welcome to our newly revamped weekly Home & Garden Index, in which we let the folks interviewed by New York Times reporters about design, decorating, and architecture speak for themselves. Through this highly exacted and carefully controlled sociological study, we hope to determine how, exactly, the other half lives. Onward to the countdown!

10: “I have an Angora rabbit, too,” Ms. Ruttenberg said. “But he’s on the floor running around because the other animals don’t allow him up. We have a hierarchy in our bedroom.” [link]
9: The idea he came up with was simple: a contemporary version of a vacation cottage in the city. “Since I can’t afford a summer house, I thought, why not do it right here?” he said. [link]

8: “Colors just make me happy,” Mrs. Woeste said, as she glanced around her rainbow apartment. [link]
7: “Adam’s a guy from the city, a Village guy,” Mr. Tucker said. “He’s down to earth, thoughtful, a really decent person.” [link]
6: “I love that the shape is based on a tractor seat, and that it’s solid wood,” he said. “There’s no fuss about it.” [link]
5: “Our inspiration was folded graph paper,” Mr. Levien said. [link]
4: When they design homes for clients, he said, “in essence, we create museums,” meaning that every object on display is carefully considered. [link]
3: “We were on the top floor,” Mr. Tucker said. “And he suggested that we think about buying the roof rights and building up, just as he had done.” [link]
2: “A lot of the items we like feel like they haven’t been designed at all,” Mr. Messana said. [link]
1: “We apply the concept of choreography to a space in order to create architecture that brings people into focus,” Mr. Woeste said. [link]