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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 3: When Nothing Sold

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Please welcome Josh Williams, who is recapping Season 4 of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. And off he goes: Smiles everyone. Smiles! This time around, the million-dollar housing market woes are just a thing of the past and the gilded age has returned. There are crappy Los Angeles-area McMansions to be had! Old friends Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg are back, and we're introduced to Josh Altman. Let's get to it.

Madison Hildebrand and his client Ismir continue their quest to purchase the Jamie Kennedy estate in Los Feliz. Ismir and his deeply furrowed brows tag along with Madison to the negotiation meeting with Jamie Kennedy's listing agent, Burt Bakman, of the Studio City Bakmans. They offer a ridiculously low $2.1M for the house (with furniture) and the Shelby Cobra parked in the garage. As a reminder, the house was listed at $2.5M. Just to be clear, in his best Ivan Drago voice, Ismir growls "I vant the car."

Burt calls Jamie with the offer, and we imagine they had a real good laugh offscreen, but Jamie rejects the offer. Madison and Ismir regroup and return with a retooled offer of $2.2M for the house and furniture, but without the car. Again, the offer is totally rejected. Ismir looks defeated, furrowing his brow to a previously un-furrowed level, and decides to walk away. Outside, Ismir criticizes Madison's negotiating skills, telling him that he should have "pushed harder." Ismir wonders aloud whether their relationship will work. Quick-thinking Madison realizes he's getting canned, which is probably for the best.

Madison moves on from his let down with Ismir to a new client and friend, Dr. Darshan Shah, a plastic surgeon who specializes in boobs and body surgery. Dr. Shah's home at 26508 Latigo Shore Drive in Malibu sits above the beach and used to be owned by George Foreman of boxing and grilling fame. The 2,817-square-foot house sits on a 5,218-square-foot lot, with three bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Madison suggests a listing price between $5.5M and $6M. The good doctor counters that the house next door is going for more and, just like every other seller who has ever been on this show, believes his house is therefore worth more. With Madison's guidance they agree to list the house at $5.695M.

At the broker open house, Madison's previously unknown, and still unnamed young intern (he has a Pepperdine look to him) makes an appearance for the first time. They work together to bake cookies and move a Lamborghini, but fail. The showing goes swimmingly and the other brokers eat Madison's cookies.

Later, at a private showing, Josh Altman shows up to the home with client Maks Chmerkovskiy from television's Dancing with the Stars. After a tour around the house, Josh A. and Maks sit down to discuss how expensive the house is for the size and how it has nothing they want. Perfect. Josh A. tells Madison that they're not interested and that the house is overpriced. Madison gets huffy and defends the pricing. They agree to disagree, but we can already see the seeds of their impending hate f*ck.

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