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Harvard Profs Wend the Night Away in Renovated 1900 Victorian

Today the Wall Street Journal pays a visit to the Cambridge, Mass., home of Marcyliena Morgan and Lawrence Bobo, a Harvard-professor couple who hosts Sunday-night dinners for such literary luminaries as Henry Louis Gates, Jr. A couple of years ago, Morgan and Bobo finished a renovation on the 1900 Victorian, which modernized the layout and opened the floorplan to let light in. The home, filled with a mix of old and new pieces, is painted with colors whose names apparently embody their personality, such as "Yellow Marigold," "Red Rock," and "Oregano." Still, dinner chatter does not revolve around colors, rocks, or spices:
"One recent discussion centered on Kanye West's latest album—some called him immature, though Ms. Morgan defends hip-hop as a way young people can assert their roots, concerns and anxieties. Another nonstop subject of conversation at recent dinners has been about whether the country is entering a "postracial" period—the subject of the book Mr. Bobo is currently writing." Terrific!

· A Gathering Place as Warm as the Conversation [WSJ]