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Barbie Architect's First Project: Mattel Ex-CEO's Listed Manse

Barbie Architect got the job this week, but there's no rest for the weary! It's time to wheel in the drafting table and get to work. First project: assessing the Bel Air, Calif, Mediterranean that belongs to former Mattel CEO Jill E. Barad and has just been price-chopped from $15M to $12.9M. After all, there's no better way to wet your feet than by having your former boss as a client. Barbie Architect looks a bit too young to appreciate the marble, oak, and limestone detail, and she's likely to find the wood-paneled library and dining room way too formal for meals with Skipper and Stacie. That master bathroom, however, seems ripe for the primping, although the pouf will need some sort of pink reupholstery. Stop gabbing, Barbs, and get to work!

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