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Record-Setting Snowfall Leaves These Luxe Listings Languishing

As the sales of shovels, snowblowers, and snowplows have likely shot through the roof at this point, we can't say the same for real estate listings in some of the hardest-hit cities. So far this season, NYC has received 56.1 inches of snow, or five times the usual amount. That's 56 reasons for five-borough homebuyers to stay put. After all, who wants to head out on an open-house crawl when sidewalks are impassable and taxi cabs are exploding. But, as USA Today reminded us, this has hardly been an isolated problem. Tulsa, Okla. got slammed with 13.2 inches of snow yesterday, an all-time record for the city, while elsewhere in the state, temps fell to a beyond-bitter -36°F with windchill, another record. In fact, only six states were without snow as of Tuesday. But even if the quest to sell has been stymied by the winter weather, some sellers can still take comfort in what they've already got. Learn more about the bedazzled Tulsa pad shown here and check out other options in NYC and Connecticut, after the jump.

Tulsa's snowbound streets are home to this Norman-style chateau, appropriately dubbed Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons (above). Clocking in at 17,000 square feet, this $9M temple to excess is decked out in crystal chandeliers, 24-karat gold-leaf paint, and, suitable for the current weather, "WWI-era marble fireplace mantles." But the pre-war accents can't distract from the absurdity of this estate, built not in 1790, or even 1890, but 1990. Some of the interiors are so over-the-top they make us want to go out in the snow naked rather than spend a night in this gilded gross-fest. Well, at least there's a hot tub.

Or take 22 East 71st Street, one of NYC's premier townhouses (above). It hit the market back in April 2008 at the spectacular asking price of $75M, and after a couple price chops it's still waiting for a buyer to fork over $50M. The present owner, developer Aby Rosen, might not be too happy about the non-sale, but has there ever been a better time to enjoy 21,000 square feet of space, four fireplaces, and an enclosed rear atrium? Tropical colors abound, and hell, those pesky stagers have even stocked the place with firewood!

The central Connecticut city of Hartford endured a rough January after a record 57 inches of white, flaky annoyance fell in the region. The owners of this otherwise run-of-the-mill colonial McMansion in nearby Southington (above) had plenty of distractions from the cabin fever. Fireplaces in the master bedroom, bathroom, and billiards room don't hurt, but it's the indoor basketball/volleyball court that really sets it apart. Not bad for $1.3M.
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