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Crumbling Castle Features World's Sweatiest Panic Room

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Location: Camdenton, Mo.
Price: $5,800,000
The Skinny: When the kindred spirits over at the Zillow Blog went hunting for far-out man caves ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, the taxidermy-lined temple to manhood in the basement of this Missouri mansion featured prominently. With at least 15 preserved animal carcasses in the man cave alone, it's no wonder the listing touts a "sauna room built of solid concrete which can be used as a safe room." After all, you never know when the animals are going to turn on you! All right, so we're not really sure why that's necessary, but, for $5.8M, the next owner will be getting a lot more than one concrete sweatbox. There's a swimming pool, two kitchens, a boathouse, and a 4,000-square-foot guest house. Still, none of it looks, um, good. That faux-crumbling facade clashes with the brokerbabble. Would you call this an "architectural gem polished to perfection?"
· 15 Lakeshore Drive [Zillow]
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