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Punxsutawney's Most and Least Expensive Homes Currently For Sale

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So Punxsutawney Phil has predicted a short winter, eh? Sure, tell that to someone in Chicago. In the mean time, all this hullabaloo about the most famous of Jefferson County's boroughs got us thinking about what real estate looks like some 90 miles outside Pittsburgh. Here's the most expensive around, by our accounts: a four-bed, three-bath number that's asking $405K. The vinyl-and-brick exterior leaves much to be desired, but the place has 13 rooms, insulated windows, and a .64-acre lot. Given the competition, it's probably the belle of the block.

And now, the least expensive property, at 110 Dunlap Ave., offers three bedrooms and a porch, all for $18,900. It's not exactly shingle-style eye candy, but still—why so cheap? Because a little organization known as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development owns it.

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