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Sandra Lee Talks Tablescapes, But Only After Vogue Removes Shoes

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Guess which resident of the tony Westchester County town of Mt. Kisco, N.Y., likes white? Hint: said person is the girlfriend of New York's current governor. That's right, Sandra Lee's home was recently photographed for the March issue of Vogue, where writer Gully Wells recounts the experience of being told to take her shoes off. "As soon as I walk into the living room, I understand why. A creamy carpet covers the entire floor, a family of decorative polar bears frolics on the sideboard in artificial snow, an enormous silver tiger reclines on a mother-of-pearl coffee table, and in the fireplace are—what else?—white birch logs that are clearly never going to see a match."

"Lee also figured out as a teenager that she had a talent for crafts and decorating, one that has served her well to this day in the themed meals and 'tablescapes' she advances. In one of her books, for example, she suggests concocting a 'Romantic Day Picnic' that 'will recapture the days of courtly love, when brave knights declared their devotion to ladies fair' by scouring 'thrift stores for old books of poetry to use as decor. Tear out pages of romantic passages, burn the edges, and hot-glue each page to a weathered metal plate to make a distinctive accent.' (Never mind that literary souls might blanch.) Her first foray into business came with a company called Kurtain Kraft that she started in her mid-20s, after spending three years at the University of Wisconsin/La Crosse. 'I used old wire coat hangers to create hooks and loops that I wove fabric around and created valances and curtain panels,' she says." How crafty!

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