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Derek Jeter's "St. Jetersburg" Manse Takes Heat From Yanks Bigwig

In January, Yankees captain Derek Jeter finished up work on a nearly 31,000-square-foot estate in Tampa, Fla., smashing building records for the area. The home is so big that local residents have nicknamed it "St. Jetersburg." Amusing, right? Not so much, if you're Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner, who went on the record by saying, "Sometimes you celebrate too much, players concentrating on building mansions and not concentrating on winning." While A-Rod just bought a swank pad in NYC, to our knowledge Jeter is the only one who's spent recent months building one from scratch. "I am not singling anybody out," Steinbrenner maintains, "but maybe riding the wave of '09 was too much." Sure!

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