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So You Think You're an Architect? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

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Great news! Your Curbed editors are not architects—not a single one of them. We had doubts before, of course, but a quiz that just surfaced online today proved it once and for all. The first question kind of nailed it—we don't, in fact, want to be an architect—and then it was all downhill from there. Chalk it up to a learning experience that taught us that the world of architecture consists of no gray zones: it's either fluffy the cat (wrong) or Ledoux the cat (correct), and the only acceptable color to favor is black. These people need to be precise, after all! So, are you an architect? Take the quiz for yourself and then head over to Architizer to tally up the results.

· Are you an architect? The quiz [Coffee With an Architect via Architizer]