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Man Uses $1.638M of Stolen Money to Build and Decorate House

A Pennsylvania man named Stephen Greb stole $5.6M from his workplace, La Salle University, and was recently sentenced to a minimum of four years behind bars, reports the Philadelphia Daily News today. Of that, Greb spent $1.2M on the construction of a beach house in Avalon, N.J., $220K on interior decorating, $28K on a deck, $33K for electrical work, $35K for equipment to furnish the home's two kitchens, $53K for architecture and design work, $41K for landscaping, $14K for stereo equipment and $14K for a pool. Of course, all this made Greb's permanent home in Blue Bell jealous, so he dropped an additional $46K on the kitchen there. This is a man with priorities! How'd he get his hands on such astounding quantities of the university's dough? By setting up a fake company, "Sunshine Food," and authorizing payments to it.

· La Salle official gets prison time for stealing $5.6 million from school [Philadelphia Daily News]