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Decked-Out Deco Meets Paneled Library in Oregonian Oddity

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Portland: so not crushing it these days! We have a tipster named Tootie to thank for this gem that's currently on the market for $5.995M. The five-bedroom, 10,685-square-foot estate reads like a lesson in inconsistencies, from the Deco bedroom above to the bathroom with a bumblebee-stripe countertop and some sort of patterned wallpaper. (We can't make out exactly what the pattern is, but both urns and Christmas ornaments are early contenders.) Another bathroom bears a striking resemblance to the dancers' staging room in that stripclub of the first season of The Wire—how delightful! Truth be told, the place has solid Georgian bones, a pretty breakfast room, and a sizable living room. Plus, that dining room fixture—likely a Chihuly—is something worth holding on to. But wait, according to the listing, "dining room chandelier excluded."

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