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Scandal-Ridden Utah Restaurant Boasts Really Grisly Backstory

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Location: Sandy, Utah
Price: $19,900,000
The Skinny: The Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy hasn't exactly impressed with its taste in the past, and this restaurant/residential compound is no different. Sited on 20 acres just a 10-minute drive from the world-class skiing at Alta, La Caille is more notable for its size than its style. Spread over 21,000 square feet, the compound is a convoluted mess of faux-French architecture, but far more disturbing is the backstory. The three-party partnership that founded the successful restaurant dissolved five years ago in a flurry of legal action; the stress of litigation apparently drove two co-owners to their grisly murder-suicide last year. Not the fairytale story the next owner will care to regale guests with, but given the location of those 20 acres, it seems likely the land will be scooped up by a developer.
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