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Europe's Tallest Building Gets a Rather Foxy First Resident

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Though not yet complete, London's Shard building already got its first resident: a fox who took up residence on the 72nd floor and survived by eating scraps of construction workers' food. "He's obviously a resourceful little chap, but I'm sure he's glad the adventure is over and hopefully he'll steer well clear of skyscrapers in the future," said one cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling at Southwark Council. When complete in mid 2012, the Shard building will stand 1,017 feet tall and hold rank as Europe's tallest building, and the 45th tallest building in the world. Billed as a "vertical city," it will contain residences, a Shangri-La hotel, office space, and presumably zero canids.

· Fox lived in the Shard Skyscraper at London Bridge [BBC via Gizmodo]