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Hanging Garden Gone Bad Along With Rest Of This Historic Mansion

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Location: Bernardsville, N.J.
Price: $16,750,000
The Skinny: There's something quite disconcerting about the dried bouquets dangling en masse from the ceiling. Nothing says fresh and tasty foods quite like dead and dried plants! But if things in the kitchen are stale, they get downright rancid in the rest of the house. Excess meets lack of taste to create a wine cellar styled to resemble a Parisian storefront, a movie theater with popcorn counter, and yards upon yards of garish window treatments. Among the few graces is the rough-hewn stone of the exterior, constructed for steamship pioneer Robert L. Stevens in the early 19th century. Luckily we're afforded some explanation in the form of a LXTV interview with the man responsible for the "restoration," developer Nat Conti, who hopes viewers "appreciate the effort put into preserving the authenticity of this beautiful home." Yikes! We've got the video after the jump.

· The Historic Stevens Estate [Sotheby's]
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