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Brit-Inspired Manses Perfect for King's Speech Devotees

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After an Oscar win by The King's Speech, can Americans look forward to a new generation of Anglophiles? Okay, okay, maybe not. But for those who simply cannot live without some affected British-isms there are plenty of homes in this country that could comfortably fly the Union Jack. These offerings might not share the seedy side story of a certain King's Speech set, but they've got plenty of history. Take this low-slung manse in Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Bay Ridge neighborhood (above). Now for sale for $12M, the six-bedroom, Arts & Crafts-style home was once visited by Brit bard Oscar Wilde, who allegedly went on a 120-city tour praising its design.

? A bit further out on Long Island, in the Gold Coast township of Mill Neck, N.Y., this 1928 Tutor manor is waiting for a buyer. Set on 24 waterfront acres, the baronal estate features grand entertaining spaces adorned with fine wood carvings, and, it seems, a stubborn distaste for anything new. Life as a period piece, for just $17M.

? Not far away, in New Canaan, Conn.—and is it any surprise these British behemoths are parked in the toniest of New England towns?—lies this imposing brick mansion that does a bloody good impression of a stately English country home. For $9.75M, the next owner will receive a sprawling 18,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom manse dubbed Wexford Hall, replete with towering, vaulted ceilings. If this doesn't scream landed gentry, nothing does.
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