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Muammar el-Qaddafi's Lavish Vacation Retreat Looted by Protestors

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The 40-room summer home of Libyan dictactor Muammar el-Qaddafi has been looted by protestors, reports the Daily Mail today. Never mind the indoor pool, massage room, waiter button by the toilet, grand, gold-leaf fireplace, or landscaped hilltop grounds overlooking the city of Al Bayda—lavish luxuries we'd expect from the man—the real interest here is Qaddafi's subterranean nuclear bunker. Three nine-inch-thick doors conceal "a vast subterranean labyrinth of reinforced tunnels, en-suite bedrooms and caverns full of equipment" and "a sophisticated life-support system, with power generators and an air filtration system that looks designed to supply fresh air in the event of a chemical weapons attack." That and the 40 female security guards—all totally normal, of course.

· Inside Gaddafi's mountain lair: Tyrant's tacky holiday home is trashed by defiant Libyans [Daily Mail]