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Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House is Master of Mayan Revival

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Photos: Liz O'Baylen/LAT

This weekend the Los Angeles Times visits Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House, to date one of the finest examples of Mayan Revival residential architecture in the country. Completed in 1924, the house is Wright's last and largest of his concrete block houses, which were each characterized by custom patterns; in this case, it's the Greek Key. At the time, it cost him $300K to build. Despite the fact that the New York Times named Ennis House the third best house in the region in 2008, the beaut has had a rough go of it on the market. It was first listed for $15M in June 2009, but after a series of price chops—more like plummets, really—it's currently asking $7.495M. No matter! Have a look at the terrific photos above.

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