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Global Warming May Send These Pricey Escapes To a Watery Grave

Though a great portion of the country is currently blanketed in a thick layer of snow, that whole global warming thing is apparently still happening. But while frigid potential buyers are contemplating the possibility that this actually was just some liberal conspiracy, sellers of, shall we say, endangered properties are taking the opportunity to cut and run. Back in 2006, when An Inconvenient Truth stormed the box office and everyone was rich, trying to sell a low-lying beachfront estate for big bucks was close to impossible. Damn you, Al Gore! But today, what with the confusion wrought by such a harsh winter, there just might be a chance to lay off these doomed properties on some unsuspecting sucker. From Florida's shrinking sun belt (above) to Connecticut's narrowest isthmus to one of Hawaii's priciest listings, we've got four future dive spots detailed after the jump.

On Sanibel Island, located of Florida's Gulf Coast near the foreclosure-wracked city of Fort Myers, home values may have plunged 40 percent from their pre-recession highs, but that still leaves the median home price at $3.5M. Bringing down that average at just $3.1M, this 1976 contemporary (above) has somehow survived 35 years with its toes in the sand, exposed to storm surge and the like. Will it make it to its 70th birthday? We sure wouldn't bet $3M on it.

? A continent and half an ocean away, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, this $32.5M estate parked its stark white facade just 50 feet from the beach in 1985. Measuring more than 18,000 square feet, this behemoth doesn't look like it has any intention of succumbing to the ocean's power and has a columned first floor that looks prepared to take a few waves.

? The NYC bedroom community of Westport, Conn. is home to Compo Mill Cove, a waterfront island that's showing signs of giving up. This $7.8M recent build doesn't look terribly endangered when photographed alone, but a wider view reveals a couple of neighbors stricken by the sea. Quaint footbridge or not, this doesn't look like a tenable site, given that it's sandwiched between the ocean and a marsh.

? Back in south Florida, this time in Longboat Key, we've come to address the classic conundrum of bay-front mansions in the area. There was always something glamorous about living just a couple feet above the water, but, in light of the rising tides, is now really the time to go dropping $9M on a potential Atlantis? In a couple years, you're gonna want that longboat.
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