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Old School Elevator Lurks Inside This Renovated Carriage House

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Location: Providence, R.I.
Price: $799,000
The Skinny: Providence's Federal Hill has long been renowned for its collection of classic Victorian mansions, but what of their outbuildings? Apparently, social standards have fallen to such obscene lows in the past hundred-odd years that people are willing to live in—gasp—the garage. But it surely has its perks. For one, that whole open floorplan thing that's been catching on in earnest for the past 20 years is easy to implement when you're starting with raw space. And although the facade reflects the care and exclusivity of quality period architecture, the price is just $800K. But look out for those occasionally unfriendly leftover features. In this case, its the aging elevator. Exposed cables and pulleys? And in the middle of the living room no less? Is it just a trap door? In all seriousness, there's some cool antique business going on in here, nevermind the classic Mercedes hiding under canvas in the ground-floor garage.
· Barnaby Carriage House [Sotheby's]