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Want to Make it in Portland? Here are 10 Easy Steps to Indie Bliss:

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Today's Journal feature on the home of Stumptown Coffee founder Duane Sorenson offers some invaluable advice for folks looking to head west (or north, for our California pals) in pursuit of the riches and glory associated with creating a successful indie company in Portland, Ore. Time to put down the Starbucks to-go cup, abandon any dreams of owning multimillion-dollar properties, and heed the following advice:

10: Grow a beard and a mustache. Then, get some tattoos.
9: Don thick black glasses, flannel shirts, and Chuck Taylors.

8: Live in a neighborhood that used to feel authentic—with "leftist cafes and food coops" but has since become gentrified. Outwardly complain yet inwardly appreciate said gentrification.
7: Live in a modernist building, but only if it's above an artisanal bakery that sells Stumptown Coffee, "a yoga studio for everyone," and places to park bikes.
6: Eat local, of course, and pair all local foods with locally sourced Pinot Noir.
5: Don't ever pay more than $500K for an apartment, but buy two and plan to converge the two spaces at some point—you know, whenever you get around to it.
4: Have a non-nuclear family comprised of kids from an ex-wife and kids you share with your current fiance.
3: Own pieces by Eames, Saarinen, and Ligne Roset, but soften the mass-production blow by incorporating furniture from a firm just around the corner.
2: Have a studio hangout space filled with "records and his eBay-purchased collection of Olympia beer memorabilia and Zig Zag rolling-paper tins." Don't forget the "microbrews like Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA and La Roja Artisan Amber Ale."
1: Have a childhood that revolved around a father who made sausage by hand and a grandmother who canned beans and fruit.

Photo: Chris Mueller/WSJ
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