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Audi Uses Kenny G. to "Break Out of the Confines of Old Luxury”

Welcome to Bowled Over, a one-day-only column in which we attempt to soften the post-Super Bowl beer-and-burger haze by replaying only those commercials that are somehow pertinent in some way to what we cover on Curbed. Throughout the day we'll be posting videos intermittently; stayed tuned as we explore the many ads that interrupted one mighty good game.

The brand: Audi
The celeb: Kenny G.
The gist: A bunch of graying old-money types in a white-collar prison languish within gilded cells filled with baroque furnishings, oil paintings, and lavish accessories. Two men stage a coup, but the wardens calm the masses from escaping by enlisting Kenny G. to play his 1987 hit single Songbird. Prisoners are too soothed to move.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Audi A8: Prison Break</a>

· Audi A8: Prison Break [Fox Sports]