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Chrysler's Eminem Commercial Immortalizes the City of Detroit

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Welcome to Bowled Over, a one-day-only column in which we attempt to soften the post-Super Bowl beer-and-burger haze by replaying only those commercials that are somehow pertinent in some way to what we cover on Curbed. Throughout the day we'll be posting videos intermittently; stayed tuned as we explore the many ads that interrupted one mighty good game.

The brand: Chrysler
The celeb: Eminem
The gist: The rapper cruises through modern-day Detroit, absorbing shot after shot of the city's architecture, landmarks, monuments, and public art. Debate is currently happening over at the Detroit Free Press about what's actually being shown, so we consulted a few trusted Motor City scholars who tell us that two-minute spot pans over a residence in what looks like historic Indian Village, as well as the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament (above), home to the Catholic Archdiocese in Detroit.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Daimler Chrysler: Eminem Detroit</a>
· Daimler Chrysler: Eminem Detroit [Fox Sports]