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Gypsy Family Runs a Townhouse Amok, Scares Townspeople

Today brings the classic tale of "gypsies" or "traveler families," as The Sun calls them, in one upscale community in North London, who have left a rowhouse worth an estimated $1.94M—and a band of angry, monied locals—completely wrecked. A family of 14 has been living in the government-subsidized house for more than a year, tearing through wallpaper and electric sockets, dumping mattresses and other household goods in the garden out back, toilet papering the neighbors' yards, and roaming around naked. Property damages are estimated at $808K. The living room (above) doesn't appear ruined, per se, but—well, just look at it. When asked by the paper to tour the rest of the house, gypsy Tanya Walsh (shown) responded, "I don't want to show you the upstairs because it's a bit messy right now."

· My Big Fat Gypsy Council House [The Sun via Daily Mail]