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Every Look From Diane von Furstenberg's Home Line, Launching Fri.

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Just in time for wedding-registry season, this Friday Diane von Furstenberg will debut her much-anticipated home collection at the Bloomingdale's flagship store in NYC. On Feb. 28, the spring line will expand to Bloomingdale's stores nationwide, in addition to and Per the press release, the tabletop pieces are meant to convey the mantra, "Be bold. Be graphic. Be free"; and the bedding, "Create your own style. Pair. Contrast. Be intuitive." Lots of direct orders there! Anyway, keep in mind this isn't the first time the wrap-dress queen has tried her hand in the bedding, bath, and tabletop arena—remember her exclusive home line for Sears in the '70's and '80s? Something tells us this will do just fine though—just fine indeed. Preview the lookbook in full after the jump.

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