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Secret to a Happy Home Revealed, and it Includes Water Views

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Although Yahoo amped up its quest for world domination by appropriating all of Zillow's content, listings site Trulia is going for a more metaphysical approach, endeavoring to find what it is, exactly, that makes a happy home. After all, can happiness be quantified? Why yes! Yes it can. Trulia asked 1,200 American couples to rank 11 home features—dual closets, large kitchen island, a man cave, water views, and more—in order of how each would positively improve their relationship. What came out on top? For women, apparently storage space is the be-all, end-all of making the magic happen. And for men—in a brilliant show of obviousness—it's having a master bedroom large enough for a king-size bed. Browse the photogallery above for the close-up shots.

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