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Former Blue's Clues Star Builds an Igloo in His Courtyard

Today New York magazine's Wendy Goodman treks to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she revisits the apartment of former Blue's Clues star Steve Burns that was featured in the magazine's Fall 2010 Home Design issue. The dwelling, a converted 2,000-square-foot garage, was just as Goodman last saw it, except for—oh, right—now there's a mighty fine courtyard igloo. If Burns were ever able to list it in Craigslist, he told her, the blurb would go something like, ""Charming alcove studio, steps from L train. Cutting-edge green construction, locally sourced material, a MUST SEE! $1,100/month." Later, he added, "Faced with a mountain of snow, I simply did what any self-respecting man-child would do: I built a fort. It was sort of an automatic response, really. All that snow had to go somewhere." And what kind of man-child would he be without using it as a beer cooler during the Super Bowl!

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