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Father Hand-Paints Super Mario Bros. Mural in Son's Bedroom

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Anyone accepting nominations for parents of the year? Because this guy deserves it. On a whim, a Tennessee man named Casey Fleser—a self-professed "software developer, hobby collector, family man, and all around good guy—decided to decorate his sons' room in a Super Mario Bros. theme. "I didn't really think about it," he explains, "except that it would be cool." Well, sometimes cool equals expensive, and Fleser came face to face with a set of decals that would help make the coolness happen—for $1,100.

The aim was to recreate World 1-1, the video game's uber-recognizable first level:

"I worked it out so each pixel would work out to 1/4? square and my scene would be 232 (58?) pixels tall by about 2060 pixels wide (515?). Since the vast majority of it was sky, it surely wouldn't be that much work, right? So we got to work and quickly had our three background color painted: black on the bottom, an orangeish stripe along the middle that would be the ground, and the blue sky above. The next day we'd pencil in a grid and start painting pixels."

Later, Fleser reflected on the process. "Now if I can just avoid blurting out any more ridiculous ideas," he writes.

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