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Man Refuses Homeowner's Insurance, Forecloses on Bank Instead

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Let's say you had the house shown here, and Wells Fargo wanted you to take out a homeowner's insurance policy for $1M instead of renewing your current $180K policy. Would you do it? No! You'd make like Philadelphia resident Patrick Rodgers and slip on your fake vampire teeth and say no. Wells Fargo then forced Rodgers into the insurance policy and, naturally, ignored his complaints, prompting the man to appeal to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, or RESPA, a law dating back to the 1970s. Under RESPA, Wells Fargo has a 20-day window to acknowledge receipt of Rodgers's complaints and another 60 to respond, or else Rodgers is entitled to damages. In this case, he placed a levy on their downtown Philly office and foreclosed on them. "If I end up being the Johnny Appleseed of RESPA letters," Rodgers recounts, "I'd be happy having that on my epitaph."

· Man Takes on Bank - and Wins [Youtube via Daily What via The Hairpin]