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Country House Changes Shape at the Push of a Button

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In Suffolk, England, there's a man named Ross Russell who, along with his wife, set out to build a house. He had some capital and some dreams, and so instead of building a normal, stationary house he enlisted the help of architect Alex de Rijke to build one that changes shape. Subverting traditional Suffolk architecture—a narrow, timber-clad building with a 45-degree pitched roof, they build a structure that comes complete with a motorized sliding roof, exposing a living room made entirely of glass. "On a summer's evening, it's a magical experience to just pull the roof back," Russell says. Have a look at the video, then head over to Gizmodo for more tips on turning your own, boring, non-moving house into a futuristic fortress, replete with robot vacuums and floorplans that automatically change shape.

Video: Sliding House

· Wallpaper "Sliding House" [YouTube via Gizmodo]