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Qaddafi's Son's Manse a Veritable High-End Lounge For Squatters

Photos: Omar El-Houni/Barcroft Media via Daily Mail

Looting a Qaddafi's property is the thing to do these days if you're a Libyan protestor. First, dictator Muammar's lavish vacation retreat was besieged; now, son Saif's London townhouse has been turned into a squatter's paradise by a group who call themselves Topple for Tyrants. And boy, oh boy, do they make political dissonance look fun. According to photos the Daily Mail has just posted, the squatters are making the best of young Saif's creature comforts, including a pool, sauna, cinema, flat-screen TVs in every room, and radiant-floor heating. With amenities like these, we, too, could get into the whole "protesting" thing.

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