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Ikea's Very Own Baby Drummer Shows Off the "Art of Cooking"

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Ikea's particleboard drawer bottoms may be of a questionable quality, but if there's one thing the Swedish furnishings chain does well, it's books. There was the striking Ikea: the Book, and now there's a video series supplementing Ikea's simplistic, stunning Homemade is Best? cookbook. Keep in mind these "Art of Cooking" videos are not for anyone who knows what the term sous vide means—we're talking didactic representations on cracking eggs, chopping carrots, and selecting a cheese slicer. Then there's the errant baby drummer who seems to enjoy banging on Ikea pots in a rabid endorsement of the store's "Marketplace" section. Hey, at least it's not an insensitive commercial that satirizes Swedish traditions. Have a look below.

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