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NFL Lockout May Force Players to Sell Some Pricey Real Estate

Tom Brady has been prepping for the NFL lockout for a while now. By the time it started this weekend, he had gone into contract to sell his Manhattan pad on a high floor in the twin-towered Time Warner Center, overlooking Central Park. Brady had been renting out the three-bedroom spread for $50K per month since buying in 2004 and was previously asking $18.5M, but we're betting the impending cash-flow problems might have driven him to cut a deal. The Patriots quarterback and fellow pigskin slingers Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are suing the league for instituting a lockout. With (relatively) lean times ahead, Manning and Brees might also be saying goodbye to some of their real estate holdings.

? Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning currently resides in this seemingly modest, but not so modestly priced, house in the Indy neighborhood of Meridian Hills. It's estimated to be worth some $7.5M, thanks to proximity to the Meridian Hill Country Club, where Manning has been known to blow off some steam on the golf course. If Manning wants to free up some cash by selling this, he could always move back into the New Orleans spread owned by his father, former Saints star Archie Manning. Archie's Greek Revival home sits on First Street in the bucolic Garden District. The beige, columned house is a fixture of the neighborhood and a frequent stop for tourists with a thing for football.

? Also down in the Big Easy, current Saints QB Drew Brees is the proud owner of this four-bedroom house with plenty of classic details. Brees purchased the quaint manse in 2006 for $1.575M, just two months after signing a six-year, $60M deal with the Saints. With that sort of financial discipline, Brees should be able to weather this lockout without uprooting his family after all.

? Now here's a wide receiver—and name—even non-football fans might be familiar with. Yep, it's reality star, shameless self-promoter, and Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco living it up in Davie, Fla. Ochocinco bought this 6,800-square-foot home back in 2005, when he was still known as Chad Johnson, for $1.37M The Florida property market has tanked in the interim, so here's to hoping TV roles keep rolling his way. After all, he never owned the $12M Cali mansion that hosted VH1's Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

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