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Former Cement Factory Turned Luxe Waterfront Property

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Location: Bay Harbor, Mich.
Price: $7,695,000
The Skinny: For much of the 20th century, the land that now comprises the upscale resort community of Bay Harbor, Mich., hosted a limestone quarry and cement manufacturing facility. In 1993, a group of developers took on the reclamation of 1,200 acres of spoiled lakefront property, filling the quarry to create a harbor, capping massive piles of kiln dust with topsoil, and recycling the structural steel from the decrepit cement plant. What they created was an upscale resort community with a deep-water marina, equestrian facilities, a golf course that Golf Digest dubbed "the Pebble Beach of the Midwest," and many spectacular waterfront houses. One of the finest is this 13,500-square-foot, six-bedroom spread on the gated peninsula separating Lake Michigan from the quarry-turned-harbor. The property enjoys water views on two sides and docking for multiple yachts. For the landlubber, there are six fireplaces, two kitchens, a gym, wine cellar, wet bar, elevator, and mahogany-lined library.
· 4210 Peninsula Drive [Sotheby's]
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