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Inside the Tripped-Out World of Lloyd Wright's Sowden House

Photos: Eden/Eloise Moorehead

L.A.-based designer Xorin Balbes has made a name for himself restoring historic properties such as LLoyd Wright's—eldest son of Frank—Sowden House, which he purchased a decade ago, invested $2M into since, and is now selling. Built in 1926, Sowden resembles a Mayan temple or a shark, depending on your vantage point, and is widely considered the architect's most important work. In January, one of Curbed's favorite interior design students, Eden—remember her DIY dollhouse?—took a tour of the property. Now she shares photos, even going so far as to chronicle the astounding number of geodes in the home, writing, "I can tell you this: the house has energy and I don't mean gas & electric." Leather bedding? Energy for sure.

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