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Be High on Family Vacations By Renting the House in the Clouds

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Apparently Curbed's March theme is houses that rise, and here's one that sticks it to that Up concoction fabricated by the National Geographic nerds. Called House in the Clouds, this one, in Suffolk, England, bills itself as "one of the country's most famous follies. Folly or not, it's actually a five-bedroom vacation home available for rent for 3,400 a week and up. In 1923, the structure was built to store the tank supplying water to the surrounding village, but it was topped with a small cottage so "from miles around one can see what appears to be a cottage lodged in the trees." Eventually the water mechanism was halted and through a series of interior and exterior restorations it was converted into a livable space. Now, all the floors are accessible via stairs outfitted with "resting seats for the less able on each landing." Topping it all off? A game room.

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